COVID-19: Requirements for Interisland Travel in the Philippines

Travel Advisory

Please check our News page for updates on the resumption or cancelation of ferry routes.

LSI Requirements

  • Medical certificate
  • Travel Authority

LSI stands for Locally Stranded Individual

How to get Travel Authority for LSI

  1. Visit the Barangay Hall where you are stranded.
    Inform them that you are a Locally Stranded Individual and get a Certificate of Completion for a 14-day quarantine. Make sure you are not a PUM/PUI in the barangay.
  2. Visit the City/Municipal Health Office.
    Bring the Certificate of Completion from the barangay. Get a Medical Clearance Certificate based on the conditions that:
    – You are not a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case, OR
    – If you are a confirmed COVID-19 case, you have been tested negative twice through RT-PRC
    – You have completed the 14-day quarantine
  3. Visit the City/Municipal Hall.
    Look for the Local Task Force for COVID-19, ask for the travel availability and the endorsement of your Travel Authority to the City Police Office or Regional Police Office.

APOR Requirements

  • Company ID
  • Certificate of Employment
  • Medical Certificate
  • Travel Order from Company

APOR stands for Authorized Personnel Outside Residence

ROF Requirements

  • Passport
  • Medical Certificate
  • Travel Authority (Secure from Regional PNP Office covering province/city/municipality of origin)

ROF stands for Returning Overseas Filipino

IMPORTANT: Always wear your face masks. Most, if not all, ferry companies will be implementing a ‘NO FACE MASK, NO BOARDING’ policy.


Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
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