Batangas to Iloilo and v.v.: Starlite Ferries Schedule & Fare Rates

Starlite Ferries Batangas-Iloilo

Ferry Schedules

Starlite Ferries has trips every week from Batangas City to Iloilo City via Lipata, Antique. This is a one-way trip but if you wish to travel back from Iloilo to Batangas, there’s a trip via Bacolod City-Estancia. The ferry will depart from the Batangas City Port and the Iloilo City Port.

Weekly Schedule

Batangas to Iloilo (via Lipata)

RouteScheduleDeparture Time
Batangas to LipataTue/Thu/Sat12:00 NN
Lipata to Iloilo CityWed/Fri/Sun12:00 MN

Iloilo to Batangas (via Bacolod-Estancia)

RouteScheduleDeparture Time
Iloilo City to BacolodWed/Fri/Sun9:00 AM
Bacolod to EstanciaWed/Fri/Sun2:00 PM
Estancia to BatangasWed/Fri/Sun7:00 PM

The RORO ferry from Batangas will depart at 12:00 NN every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday and will make a stop at Lipata, Culasi in Antique before continuing to Iloilo City. Meanwhile, the ferry from Iloilo will depart at 9:00 AM every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. This route is part of the Batangas-Antique-Iloilo-Bacolod route by Starlite Ferries.


Travel Time

The estimated travel time between Batangas City and Iloilo City is around 18 hours.

Fare Rates


The fare depends on the accommodation and whether the passenger is an adult (regular), a student, senior citizen, minor, or an infant. There are five different accommodations to choose from:

  • Reclining Seat
  • Economy Bed Bunk
  • Tourist Bed Bunk
  • Cabin
  • VIP Room (Good for 2 persons)

Fare Matrix (Batangas to Iloilo)

Senior Citizen/PWD₱1250.00₱1392.00₱1535.00₱1678.00
Minor (4-11 y.o.)₱875.00₱975.00₱1075.00₱1175.00
Infant (below 4 y.o.)₱450.00₱450.00₱450.00₱450.00
  • The VIP Room costs ₱7,000.00 which is good for two persons.

Fare Matrix (Iloilo to Bacolod)

Senior Citizen/PWD₱206.00₱206.00₱206.00₱250.00
Minor (4-11 y.o.)₱144.00₱144.00₱144.00₱175.00
Infant (below 4 y.o.)₱25.00₱25.00₱25.00₱25.00
  • The VIP Room costs ₱1,000.00 which is good for two persons.

Fare Matrix (Bacolod to Batangas)

Senior Citizen/PWD₱1357.00₱1500.00₱1642.00₱1785.00
Minor (4-11 y.o.)₱950.00₱1050.00₱1150.00₱1250.00
Infant (below 4 y.o.)₱550.00₱550.00₱550.00₱550.00
  • The VIP Room costs ₱7,500.00 which is good for two persons.

Important note: Students, senior citizens, and PWDs must provide their valid IDs to avail of the discount. If not, they will be charged the full regular fare.


Rolling Cargo

VehicleBatangas to
Iloilo to
Bacolod to
Private Vehicle₱12,000.00₱1,960.00₱13,500.00

The vehicle fare already includes the fare for the driver.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or inquiries about the trip, feel free to refer to the contact numbers provided below to get in touch with Starlite Ferries.

Booking & Reservation

You can book your tickets through the Starlite Ferries website or with their ticketing partners. Also, you can purchase tickets at any of their outlets and offices near you.



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Hotels & Resorts


Starlite Ferries has weekly trips between Batangas and Iloilo. The trip from Batangas departs at 12:00 NN every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Meanwhile, the trip from Iloilo to Batangas will be via Bacolod-Estancia and will depart at 9:00 AM every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. The regular passenger fare for the Economy Class is ₱1,950.00. There are other accommodations to choose as well.

About Starlite Ferries

Starlite Ferries is a popular RORO ferry service in the Philippines. RORO ships can transport both passengers and vehicles which is convenient for those who opt to travel with their cars or motorcycles. Their destinations include Abra de Ilog, Antique, Bacolod, Batangas, Calapan, Caticlan, Cebu, Guimaras, Iloilo, Lipata, Odiongan, Sibuyan, Surigao, Puerto Galera, and Roxas of Capiz.

Check out the Starlite Ferries page for all the available routes.

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