2019 Super Shuttle Ferry Bogo-Palompon: Schedule, Fare & Booking

Super Shuttle Ferry Bogo-Palompon Ferry Schedules

Ferry Schedules

Super Shuttle Ferry has trips every day from Bogo to Palompon and Palompon to Bohol. There are a total of two trips – one trip from Bogo, Cebu and one trip from Palompon, Leyte.

Daily Schedule

Bogo to PalomponPalompon to Bogo
12:30 PM7:30 AM

The ferry will depart at 7:30 AM from the Palompon Port and 12:30 PM from the Polambato Port in Cebu.

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Travel Time

The estimated ferry travel time between Bogo and Palompon for Super Shuttle Ferry is 4 hours.

Fare Rates

The passenger fare depends on whether you are an adult, a student, senior citizen, or a minor. It also depends on the type of accommodation you choose.


The regular fare is ₱300 for the Economy class of the Bogo-Palompon route. Students and senior citizens must provide their IDs to avail a discount.

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Booking & Reservation

For bookings and reservations, you can visit the official website of Super Shuttle Ferry at supershuttleroro.com or through their ticketing affiliate Barkota.

Contact Information

If you have any inquiries about the trip, feel free to use the contact numbers provided by Super Shuttle. There are two sets of phone numbers, one set is for their passenger boats while the second set is for their cargo-only ships.


Cargo only


Super Shuttle Ferry/RORO Ferry Schedules
Super Shuttle Ferry/RORO Ferry Schedules

Hotels & Resorts

If you haven’t found a place to stay yet, check out these great deals on hotels and resorts in Cebu and Leyte.

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About Super Shuttle Ferry

Super Shuttle Ferry offers both passenger and cargo-only ships. They have trips all around the Philippines which include destinations such as Balbagon, Bogo, Caticlan, Dapitan, Dumaguete, Hagnaya, Jagna, Palompon, Roxas, and Santa Fe of Bantayan Island.

For the full list of routes by Super Shuttle Ferry, check out the Super Shuttle Ferry page.

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