OceanJet Travel Requirements (June 2021)

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Here you can find the different travel requirements for some of the ferry routes offered by OceanJet. OceanJet is a popular fast craft ferry company in the Philippines with trips every day between different island destinations. However, their ferries can only transport passengers and not vehicles.

These travel requirements were put in place by the different municipalities to curb or limit the spread of the coronavirus. The list below is from the official Facebook page of OceanJet.


Travel Requirements

Bacolod to Iloilo

  • Proof of transaction
  • Travel Pass with purpose and date of travel (LSI only)
  • Employment Certificate with purpose of travel (APOR only)

Iloilo to Bacolod

  • Any valid I.D.

Cebu to Bohol

  • S-Pass (https://s-pass.ph/)
  • Negative RT PCR Test or SALIVA RT PCR 72 hrs. before departure
  • Acceptance letter from receiving LGU
  • Any valid I.D.

Bohol to Cebu Province

Bohol to Cebu City

  • S-Pass (https://s-pass.ph/)
  • Negative RT PCR Test or SALIVA RT PCR 72 hrs. before departure
  • Any valid I.D.

Cebu City to Camotes

Camotes to Cebu City

Cebu City to Ormoc City

Ormoc City to Cebu City

Cebu City to Villaba

  • Any valid I.D.

Villaba to Cebu City

Where can I get a PCR test?

You can get a PCR test from any of the licensed testing laboratories in the Philippines. The price for the kit can vary from ₱650.00 for public hospitals/laboratories to ₱4,500.00 for private establishments.

List of OceanJet routes mentioned:

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