Cebu City Pier 3: Location, Passenger Terminal, Terminal Fee

Cebu City Pier 3 Passenger Terminal

The Cebu City Pier 3 is located at the corner of V. Sotto St. and Quezon Blvd. If you are planning to go to Mactan Island, you can ride the ferries of Topline Express or Metroferry which you can find in Pier 3.

There are different ticketing outlets outside Pier 3 for ferries such as Island Water, MV Star Craft, Medallion Transport, Weesam Express, etc.

Passenger Terminal

Passengers cannot enter the Passenger Terminal of Pier 3 without a boat ticket. Once you’ve entered the terminal, you must pay the terminal fee. The terminal fee for Cebu City Pier 3 is ₱25.00.

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PassengerTerminal Fee
Senior Citizens/PWDFREE
(Below 12 yrs. old)

If you are a passenger of Topline Express, you don’t need to pay a terminal fee as it is already included in your ticket.

Metroferry Passenger Terminal
Metroferry Passenger Terminal

If you are a passenger of Metroferry, the terminal is on the right side and it has its own terminal fee. The terminal fee for Metroferry is ₱2.00.

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